Atria Books, 2014
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  • 1.1:

    Sing to me, Muse, of that endlessly cunning man
    who was blown off course to the ends of the earth, in the years
    after he plundered Troy. He passed through the cities
    of many people and learned how they thought, and he suffered
    many bitter hardships upon the high seas
    as he tried to save his own life and bring his companions
    back to their home. But however bravely he struggled,
    he could not rescue them, fools that they were—their own
    recklessness brought disaster upon them all;
    they slaughtered and ate the cattle of Hélios,
    so the sun god destroyed them and blotted out their homecoming.
    Goddess, daughter of Zeus, begin now, wherever
    you wish to, and tell the story again, for us.