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Wordsworth Editions, 2002
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  • 1.1:

    The man, O Muse, inform, that many a way
    Wound with his wisdom to his wished stay;
    That wandered wondrous far, when he the town
    Of sacred Troy had sack’d and shivered down;
    The cities of a world of nations,
    With all their manners, minds, and fashions,
    He saw and knew; at sea felt many woes,
    Much care sustained, to save from overthrows
    Himself and friends in their retreat for home;
    But so their fates he could not overcome,
    Though much he thirsted it. O men unwise,
    They perish’d by their own impieties,
    That in their hunger’s rapine would not shun
    The oxen of the lofty-going Sun,
    Who therefore from their eyes the day bereft
    Of safe return. These acts, in some part left,
    Tell us, as others, deified Seed of Jove.