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  • 1.1:

    The man for wisdom’s various arts renown’d,
    Long exercised in woes, O Muse! resound;
    Who, when his arms had wrought the destined fall
    Of sacred Troy, and razed her heaven-built wall,
    Wandering from clime to clime, observant stray’d,
    Their manners noted, and their states survey’d,
    On stormy seas unnumber’d toils he bore,
    Safe with his friends to gain his natal shore:
    Vain toils! their impious folly dared to prey
    On herds devoted to the god of day;
    The god vindictive doom’d them never more
    (Ah, men unbless’d!) to touch that natal shore.
    Oh, snatch some portion of these acts from fate,
    Celestial Muse! and to our world relate.